Supervisorctl for Python Programs: A Comprehensive Guide

Supervisorctl for Python Programs: A Comprehensive Guide

Efficiently Manage and Control Your Python Processes with Supervisorctl


Supervisorctl is a command-line utility that allows you to manage and control Python programs (or any other processes) using the Supervisor process manager. This guide focuses on using Supervisorctl specifically for Python programs, which are often used for web applications, background tasks, or other automation tasks.


Before using Supervisorctl, you need to have Supervisor installed on your system. You can install it using the package manager for your operating system. For example, on Ubuntu, you can use apt:

sudo apt-get install supervisor

Configuring Supervisor for Python Programs

To manage Python programs with Supervisor, you need to define a program configuration in Supervisor's configuration file (/etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf by default). Here's an example of a basic Supervisor configuration for a Python program:

command=/path/to/python /path/to/your/python/

In this configuration:

  • program:my_python_program is the name of the program.

  • command is the command to execute your Python program.

  • directory is the working directory of your Python program.

  • autostart specifies whether the program should start automatically when Supervisor starts.

  • autorestart specifies whether the program should be restarted automatically if it exits.

  • stderr_logfile and stdout_logfile specify the log files for standard error and standard output, respectively.

Managing Python Programs with Supervisorctl

Once you have configured Supervisor for your Python program, you can use Supervisorctl to manage it:

  • To start your Python program:
supervisorctl start my_python_program
  • To stop your Python program:
supervisorctl stop my_python_program
  • To restart your Python program:
supervisorctl restart my_python_program
  • To check the status of your Python program:
supervisorctl status my_python_program
  • To view the configuration of your Python program:
supervisorctl show my_python_program
Supervisorctl is a powerful tool for managing Python programs, providing a simple and convenient way to start, stop, and monitor processes. By following this guide, you can effectively use Supervisorctl to manage your Python applications, ensuring they run smoothly and reliably.

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